DIAS service station offers a wide range of Mercedes original spare parts. We can find any part needed for your car, and in case if it is not available we will order it for you from the production plant as soon as possible. A wide range of Mercedes original spare parts is always available. Also, if you wish, we offer a wide choice of Mercedes non-original spare parts of the leading manufacturing companies which will enable you to save without a material quality loss.

There is a special retail price for original spare parts for the owners of models W140, W202, W124 and W168. Please, contact the parts department for details.

It is well known that Toyota and Lexus manufacture their cars for three main markets: European, Emirates and American. Taking this fact into consideration we cooperate closely with suppliers on Emirates and American markets in order to cover in full the whole list of cars of these manufacturers.

Also, the basic original parts for Toyota and Lexus cars are available in stock of DIAS Company. A big list of spare parts is also available in the central warehouse in Kiev. If necessary, any part can be delivered to us from the central warehouse within three hours. If a spare part is not available in Kiev we will order it for you as soon as possible.

For details, please, contact parts department.


Tuning parts

We have opened a new direction for Toyota/Lexus/Mercedes cars. We have got parts of the running gear made of polyurethane. This material is widely used for manufacture of details for hard operation conditions which is important for our roads. The polyurethane parts perfectly carry big loads in hard operation conditions and don’t lose their quality during many years.

Here are some descriptions of main advantages of polyurethane parts:

1. Efficiency

Polyurethane details of suspension are more effective in car operation in hard road conditions.

2. Reliability

Polyurethane details reliably protect the suspension and body at maximal loads.

3. Longevity

The resource of polyurethane details is 4–5 times higher than resource of rubber details.




The polyurethane details have two main differences from those of original manufacturers:

  • The details are made separatly from levers and steering racks while original parts often come as a set, and the consumer has to pay more in case of their replacement.