For comprehensive repair and service of cars our fitting shop is equipped with:

  • five two post lifts with a bearing capacity of 3,5 tonnes;
  • stand for headlight beam adjustment;
  • device for recharge of auto air conditioners R-134;
  • stand for cleaning of a fuel system of gasoline engines;
  • modern wheel alignment stand HUNTER — DSP 600.

All equipment installed in our shops is recommended by Daimler-Chrysler AG and concern Toyota:

  • diagnostics of electronic systems of Mercedes cars is carried out by original device STAR DIAGNOSIS, for diagnostics of electronic systems of Toyota and Lexus cars the original device TOYOTA DTS-2 is used;
  • wheel alignment is carried out on a modern stand HUNTER — DSP 600;
  • tyre fitting works are carried out on the equipment GEMB (Italy);
  • over 300 special tools are applied in repair and auto unit replacement.

The management of the technical center carries out a constant work towards improvement and development of organization and customer service methods. Fast, in a high quality manner, day after day — these are the main principles of our work with a client. Your car will be serviced by professionals for who repair and technical maintenance of Mercedes, Toyota and Lexus cars is a part of their life.

Also, we are ready to install car alarms or any additional equipment, to carry out window tinting, bumper repair, etc., as well as a high quality dry cleaning and polishing of your car.



DaimlerChrysler STAR DIAGNOSIS

Original diagnostics device Mercedes STAR DIAGNOSIS

Toyota DTS-2

Toyota DTS-2

Original diagnostics device Toyota DTS-2



Paint Meter FS 488

Paint Meter FS 488

The most modern device for measurement of thickness of paint coats enables to determine maximum accurately if any repair bodyworks have been carried out in the car.

Facom AC.144

Facom AC.144

Full automatic device for maintenance of auto air conditioners.



Device for cleaning of fuel injection nozzles

Device for cleaning of fuel injection nozzles.